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Construction Resources Capabilities

Services provided by Kestrel personnel include, but are not limited to:

Construction Management Services

*      Operations Specialist   

*      Welding Inspection       

*      Environmental Inspection           

*      Electrical/Instrumentation Inspection    

*      As-Built Specialist            

*      Materials Specialist        

*      Office Management      

*       Planning & Scheduling

*       Route/Site Selection

*      Field Engineering         

*      Utility Inspection           

*      Construction Management        

*      Civil/Structural Inspection          

*      Project Coordinating     

*      Coating Inspection (NACE Certified)      

*      Project Chief Inspection

*      Vendor Inspection

*       Bid packages, bid solicitation, evaluation and award

*       Field supervision and inspection personnel negotiations

*       Construction job summary documentation

Inspection Services (Onshore and Offshore)

*       Quality Assurance/Quality Control

*       The on-site “eyes and ears” of our customers


*       Engineering support of operations

*       Start-up and commissioning assistance

Personnel classifications include:


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