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Construction Resources Capabilities

Kestrel construction management and inspection personnel have the experience and knowledge to support the customer during all phases of the project life cycle. Whether it is front end support for potential design considerations or ensuring the construction phase of the project is completed on time and within budget, Kestrel personnel have the tools to make certain customer specifications are adhered to and each project is performed in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Personnel may be assigned on an individual basis or a team based group consisting of various classifications.


Engineering Capabilities

Licensed to provide engineering services in the state of Texas, Kestrel can work with your in-house personnel or contract critical project personnel on an as needed basis.  Kestrel is continually evaluating and upgrading services available to our customers.

Disclaimer: Kestrel Engineering, Inc, (operating as Kestrel, Inc. in North Carolina) provides construction inspection support personnel to the client, however, does not provide engineering services within the State of North Carolina.