About Kestrel Field Services, Inc.

Kestrel Field Services, Inc. (Kestrel) was founded over a decade ago. Today, we are a leading provider of construction management and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) services to the oil and gas industry. Formed as a privately owned company in 2007, Kestrel is directed with a team based philosophy that utilizes its core management structure with various experience to maintain consistent, reliable and dynamic services for its customer base. Specializing in the midstream oil and gas facilities sector, Kestrel maintains the construction management and inspection expertise to support a wide scope of projects from the well head to the end user. Kestrel is built on the assumption that efficient management of customer resources during project execution and direct observation during installation produce successful results. Kestrel serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We make sure that our clients have the resources they need to operate their businesses with efficiency and reliability without sacrificing the safety of personnel or projects.


Corporate Office

9601 Jones Road, Suite 242

Houston, TX 77065

Main: 832-678-2210

Fax:   832-678-2310

Email: info@kestreleng.com

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